Top 10 Best Trail Cameras for Hunting

There are various types of cameras, but the trail camera is popular to people who like capturing remote photos of wildlife, personal fun, for security, trophy hunting, or even for professional purposes like capturing scenes from critical angles by sports photographers. A trail camera is also called a remote camera or hunting camera. When used especially for hunting, it can save the user a lot of time that they would have otherwise spent scouring mountainous regions and other rough terrain. This type of camera is easy to trigger as it can be activated by sound, a built-in timer, hand, or via radio signals. 
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Your Buyer’s Guide For Hunting Flashlights

Depending on where you’re traveling or your preferred quarry, hunting is a sport that can be practiced day and night. In some cases, you may want to work in total darkness, while in others, you may want to wait until the early morning. Any veteran hunter understands that if you want to hunt at night, you need to have a reliable light source, both for success and safety. As a result, a flashlight is a piece of equipment that every hunter needs to have in their arsenal. Here’s a profile of 10 of the standout options in 2020, from the top of the line to the budget-friendly.  
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TOP 5 Digital Day and Night Rifle Scopes

Just a decade ago, a digital rifle scope could only be seen in movies but today it has become a must have item for all hunters. Moreover, it now has a day mode as well as a night vision as a standard feature. Nowadays it is a real challenge to choose an affordable digital riflescope, especially taking into account the number of products available on the market. I was facing the same problem of making a choice. Let me show you five of the most popular digital rifles copes, which you will come across. In this article I will try to explain to you my thoughts about each of them. I really hope that this will help you make the right decision. Before we start, let me explain to you the most crucial features of a digital scope. Continue reading TOP 5 Digital Day and Night Rifle Scopes
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Two Thermal Optics That Will Get You Into The Game For Less


ThOR LT vs Pulsar RXQ30V

                In the world of thermal imaging, there are a ton of options out there in today’s marketplace that can make the decision overwhelming when purchasing an optic. So, let’s go ahead and muddy the water a little further, shall we? Let’s dive into the new realm of affordable thermal imaging scopes for today’s hunter.

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Best Thermal Scopes of 2020

This is a comprehensive review of the best Thermal Scopes on the US market today. However, we have taken only the entry level scopes from all the key manufacturers. There are clearly more options where you can spend more on these scopes and they mainly consist of two factors. Lens size (for more magnification) and sensor resolution (sensor resolutions generally falls into the following: 160×120, 320×256, 336×258, 384×288, and 640×480). Please refer to the manufacturer’s site for more information on their other models.

Thermal Sights today have mostly replaced the old night vision scopes. When they first came out about 8 years ago they were prohibitively priced at more then $10,000 and didn’t offer a lot in terms of image performance or features. Fortunately for us technology moves forward and today a number of companies offer great scopes at almost affordable prices. They have scopes that are new, have good overall reviews from customers, and are not outrageously priced.

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